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                Contact Us from Anywhere

                Any questions??Call or Submit a ticket.

                Our team is happy to answer your questions about licensing and technical issues.

                With more than 200,000,000 users worldwide, we are only able to offer support over the phone to license owners or users in the purchase decision process. Thank you for your understanding.

                Please call us or?submit a ticket?at any time.


                If you want to access our knowledge base, receive help in the community, submit a ticket, find documentation, watch helpful videos, or even purchase on-site training, please check our support page.

                Call Us (open)
                • 1 800 638 0253 (toll-free)
                • 1 844 859 0642 (toll-free)
                • 1 855 210 9372 (Espa?ol) (toll-free)

                Request a quote?or find an?authorized partner.

                Do you require a product quote? Select a license and we will send you a personalized quote. You can place an order at any time by using the link included in the quote or by contacting our sales team.

                Visit our partner directory to find a TeamViewer partner.

                If you are a consumer using our product and would like to cancel your subscription, please click here.

                Further contact addresses

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