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                How can We Help You?
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                Icon: Graduation hat Knowledge Base

                Do you have a question about installing TeamViewer, or have you run into a technical issue? Want to know how to establish secure unattended access to devices?
                Find the solution to common questions in our Knowledge Base.

                Icon: Document Community

                This is the place for TeamViewer fans, customers, and private users. Talk about TeamViewer, share your knowledge, and find answers to questions.

                Icon: Teacher with blackboard Academy

                Familiarize yourself with TeamViewer and gain insight into specific features and capabilities through in-person training sessions.
                Get to know TeamViewer through hands-on experience and take your business to the next level!

                Have a look at our manuals and first Steps, find your answer in our FAQ's, or check out our recent videos.

                Submit a Ticket

                With more than 200,000,000 users worldwide, we are only able to offer support via Tickets to license owners. Thank you for your understanding.

                Submit a Ticket

                If you don't have a license number, but are interested in purchasing TeamViewer, contact our Sales Team.

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                Don't have a license number?

                Due to the high number of private inquiries, we can't provide email support to private users. You can find answers to the most common questions in our Community and Knowledge Base.

                If you don't have a license number, but are interested in purchasing TeamViewer, contact our Sales Team.

                We are sorry, but your license is not valid.

                Do you need help activating your license?

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