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                Feature Spotlight Malware Protection

                Protect Your Devices Against Viruses With ITbrain

                Fortify devices against cyber threats with ITbrain Anti-Malware, TeamViewer’s anti-virus integration. Set up policies and schedules to automatically guard against and detect ransomware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, and spyware.

                Powered by an award-winning engine that’s updated hourly, ITbrain Anti-Malware provides 24/7 reliable and certified protection whether devices are online or offline. And because it maintains itself, you gain maximum security without the manual maintenance and updates.


                Feature Details & Supported Products

                Quick Installation, Certified Protection

                With ITbrain Anti-Malware, you can install it and forget it. All it takes is a few clicks to activate it on computers and you’ll get around-the-clock anti-virus protection. ITbrain updates itself hourly by downloading the newest definitions to keep your computers immune to the most recent threats.

                It’s also been awarded the VB100 certification for reliability by Virus Bulletin magazine. This award certifies a detection rate of 100% of malicious software listed as ‘In the Wild’ by WildList Organization International. In addition, anti-malware software awarded this certification must not generate any false positives.

                Real-Time Protection With Customized Anti-Malware Policies

                With ITbrain, you’ve got protection around the clock. Using real-time protection, every file that is accessed on your device is scanned instantly for potential threats. Your devices are protected the second you activate ITbrain Anti-Malware on them. You can also set individual policies to adjust to your company’s needs or to those of specific computers within your network.

                Reduce Human Error

                Hooking up private devices, such as smartphones and USB sticks, is a common practice that leaves the network open to any existing malware they contain. ITbrain Anti-Malware automatically scans devices plugged into a USB port for potentially malicious software, preventing any nasty surprises. To head off potential threats attached to emails, you can also activate ITbrain’s Outlook add-in that will scan all attachments of incoming e-mails. If an infected attachment is detected, it is deleted. Instead of the malicious file, users will find a simple text-attachment informing them about the cleared threat.

                Active Ransomware Protection

                Make sure that only applications that fit certain criteria can modify data in your safe areas. Safe areas are protected folders that you can set in the ITbrain Anti-Malware policy. Any data in that safe area will be protected against unwanted modification such as encryption or deletion.

                Thorough Scheduling of Your Scans

                Choose if you want to perform a full scan to ensure maximum safety or a quick scan during working hours. With ITbrain’s scheduling tool, you can set up scans daily, weekly, or in individual intervals.

                Scan Specification, Alerts, and Notifications

                Now you can keep a watchful eye on suspicious or risky paths. ITbrain Anti-Malware allows you to specify whether you want to scan a whole disk, a certain path, or just a particular file. By integrating ITbrain Anti-Malware with TeamViewer™, you won’t miss potential threats. Should it detect a threat on one of your computers, it will put files in quarantine immediately and send you an alert.

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                • Michael Barron Jr.
                  “ITbrain gives me a clear view into the status of each computer, including if they were infected with malware, so I could easily address the situation before it went from a hassle to a real problem.”
                  Michael Barron Jr.
                  Paul Carey Honda
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                Ready to give ITbrain a try?

                Since ITbrain is fully integrated into TeamViewer, you can try it risk-free in a few easy steps. Don’t have TeamViewer yet? You can download a free trial to get started!

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