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                Feature Spotlight  Remote Device Monitoring and Asset Management

                Remotely Monitor IT Hardware With ITbrain

                Stay one step ahead of potential failures and outages with ITbrain Monitoring, TeamViewer’s infrastructure monitoring and asset management integration. With instant alerts and email notifications, you’ll maintain complete control and identify problems early, so you can react at a moment’s notice.

                You’ll also have access to key device information at a glance, such as disk space and health, CPU usage, processes, online state, memory usage, and software versions. And because it’s fully integrated with TeamViewer™, you can activate ITbrain in minutes!


                Feature Details & Supported Products

                Complete Infrastructure Monitoring in a Single Place

                ITbrain lets you remotely monitor key hardware and software information, including disk space, disk health, CPU usage, memory usage, anti-virus software status, Windows updates status, Windows firewall status, event logs, running Windows services, running processes, and more. You’ll also know if a device goes offline, see when it’s back up, determine the last time it was online, and boot it remotely with TeamViewer.

                Remote Task Manager

                Provide your clients with faster, more seamless, and less intrusive support. The built-in remote task manager lets you view and manage all running processes and services on your devices remotely from your central ITbrain dashboard.

                Deployable Through TeamViewer

                Deploying ITbrain monitoring on your remote devices is as simple as a single click. Whether through the TeamViewer client or the TeamViewer Management Console, simply select a device in your Computers & Contacts List, and select Activate ITbrain Monitoring. It really is that simple!

                Integration into the Management Console and TeamViewer Client

                ITbrain Monitoring is completely integrated into the TeamViewer Management Console and client. You’ll be able get started and connect instantly to see real-time reports on all your monitored devices, look at historical information on each specific device, and export reports. You can also see users’ device information with the Computers & Contacts List without having to connect.

                Receive Instant Alerts and Notifications

                Receive instant alerts within the TeamViewer client whenever one of your monitoring thresholds has been crossed. You can also set up email notifications so you’ll know when there’s a potential issue and can address it before downtime or device failures cause business interruptions.

                Featured in these products & solutions

                Feature Gallery

                • Michael Barron Jr.
                  “ITbrain gives me a clear view into the status of each computer, including if they were infected with malware, so I could easily address the situation before it went from a hassle to a real problem.”
                  Michael Barron Jr.
                  Paul Carey Honda
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                Ready to give ITbrain a try?

                Since ITbrain is fully integrated into TeamViewer, you can try it risk-free in a few easy steps. Don’t have TeamViewer yet? You can download a free trial to get started!

                GET STARTED WITH ITBRAIN Download TeamViewer

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