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                Feature Spotlight Servicecamp

                Seamless Support with servicecamp

                servicecamp makes your support tickets smarter and simpler, regardless of their origin or complexity. Featuring seamless email integration, easy bulk ticket management, and one-click access to TeamViewer’s other features, servicecamp elevates your support experience—so you can serve your customers better.

                Available exclusively with TeamViewer Premium and Corporate licenses.

                Feature Details & Supported Products

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                  Seamless Ticket Management

                  From intake to resolution and everything in between, servicecamp makes working support tickets a painless experience. You can set up intake forms to collect relevant information from your customers, and servicecamp will even integrate with Gmail and Outlook so you can manage everything in one place.

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                  Collaboration Made Easy

                  As requests come in, you can easily sort, prioritize, and assign tickets to team members for service. Get stuck on a tricky issue? Flag a ticket for follow up, request collaboration by assigning responsibilities to various team members, and add private notes that can only be seen by your team.

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                  Efficient, Personal Support

                  Since servicecamp keeps support tickets from getting lost in clunky systems and endless email chains, you can be confident that your ticket response time will improve dramatically. Plus, you can easily interface directly with clients via chat or video, or take remote control of their system with one click.

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                  Build Your Knowledge Base

                  Categorize tickets by topic so that over time, you can identify recurring issues and persistent needs to help improve your overall service model.

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