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                ITbrain by TeamViewer: Efficient IT Service Management From a Single Platform

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                Whether you’re managing your company’s technology assets internally or providing support for external customers, ITbrain can give you total control over information technology infrastructure within your TeamViewer account. The system will proactively alert you to existing and potential risks so you can get ahead of IT issues before they occur.


                Offer the best service for your clients and users.

                ITbrain provides you with the services that you need to amaze your clients with superb IT support, or improve your own IT management – conveniently integrated into your TeamViewer account. With just a few clicks, you can enhance your TeamViewer support services with monitoring, anti-malware, and remote backup.

                Monitoring and Asset Management

                Set up checks like online status, disk health, and memory usage, and get notified when a certain threshold is exceeded. With asset tracking and monitoring, you can keep track of deployed hardware and software and create comprehensive reports and inventory lists. ITbrain Monitoring provides you with an overview of the critical aspects of your systems from one place. By defining groups of devices and creating individual check policies, you can adjust ITbrain Monitoring to your specific needs.

                Explore ITbrain Monitoring


                Keep your computers clean and safe. ITbrain Anti-Malware protects your computers against threats such as viruses, ransomware, Trojans, rootkits, and spyware. 24/7 – no matter if on- or offline. Determine time, scope and thoroughness of each check-policy and apply them to different computers or groups. Don’t worry about updates anymore – ITbrain Anti-Malware maintains itself and is always up to date to ensure maximum safety.

                Explore ITbrain Anti-Malware


                ITbrain Backup is your simple, hassle-free, and reliable solution to endpoint data protection. Deploy and activate ITbrain Backup remotely within seconds. Your, or your customers’, data will be stored in the cloud using the highest security standards. Have peace of mind in knowing that your data is stored safely and – in case of disaster – is always available.

                Explore ITbrain Backup


                Gain Superior Asset Management & Protection

                Fully Integrated

                ITbrain is completely integrated into TeamViewer, so you can roll out comprehensive IT management with just a few clicks.


                Cater to the individual needs of your clients and customers by creating customized ITbrain policies.


                ITbrain grows with your business. Easily expand your capacity as demand increases.

                • Michael Barron Jr.
                  “ITbrain gives me a clear view into the status of each computer, including if they were infected with malware, so I could easily address the situation before it went from a hassle to a real problem.”
                  Michael Barron Jr.
                  Paul Carey Honda

                ITBRAIN LICENSING

                Customizable options that help you scale your business.


                per endpoint billed annually
                or $2.39 billed monthly


                • Remote device monitoring
                • Asset tracking
                • Asset reporting
                • Remote task manager
                • Instant alerts
                • Email notifications
                • Volume discounts available


                per endpoint billed annually
                or $2.39 billed monthly


                • Always up-to-date
                • Real-time protection
                • USB auto scan
                • Customized anti-malware policies
                • Scan specification
                • Alerts and notifications
                • Certified protection: VB100
                • Volume discounts available


                per GB billed annually
                or $0.18 billed monthly


                • Remote restore, even at file level
                • Individual backup policies
                • File selection and file exclusion
                • Backup cycle and scheduling
                • Bandwidth throttling
                • Automatic deduplication
                • Failed backup alerts
                • Volume discounts available

                Want to give ITbrain a try?

                Since ITbrain is fully integrated into TeamViewer, you can try it risk-free in a few easy steps. Don’t have TeamViewer yet? You can download a free trial to get started!

                GET STARTED WITH ITBRAIN  Download TeamViewer

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