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                Simplicity built-in at every level
                More, faster, now

                Leveraging our Global Access Network
                Infinite scalability

                Removing all the operating costs
                Demand for lower costs

                Think big, move fast, keep it simple.

                IoT is a colossal vision. A journey that will take years to complete. The destination seems clear but how to get there is complex. We believe IoT needs to be simple to get everyone onboard. We focus on three core enablers of IoT to guide you along your journey helping you create new business models and revenue streams.

                hyperconnectivity icon
                laptop with TeamViewer running
                laptop with TeamViewer running

                for IoT

                Bringing the value of TeamViewer connect, monitor, and control to IoT

                Leveraging over a decade of market leadership in remote access, monitoring and control we are speeding up the IoT onboarding process and simplifying the journey.

                Our customers enjoy easy ramp-up without huge investments into IoT infrastructure, know-how and consultative services.

                Securely monitoring and controlling devices & machines from integrated dashboards enables instant access for control, data capture and support. We will offer advanced device behavior analytics such as dynamic thresholding, condition-based auto-response rules engine and intelligent alerting & reporting.

                Combining our Global Access Network scalability with our innovative solutions enables customers to spend more time focusing on the business benefits of IoT.

                Connecting what has never been connected

                Our Global Access Network is a technology fabric for those willing to question what’s possible. What are the evolving opportunities in IoT? Where is secure hyperconnectivity taking us? How can we master monitoring & remote control for better decision making?


                Connect and share from anywhere


                Keeping track of performance


                Energy & Climate optimization


                Remote Digital Art exhibition management


                Power Tuning

                Precision in engine tuning



                Full control over your POS



                Remote location Solar power plant management


                Customized physical therapy for patients at home

                robot hand

                Join our IoT journey
                Partners & Co-Developers

                The benefits

                • Direct link into engineering
                • Faster business development and go-to-market
                • Early access to our monitoring & control solutions
                • Connect through our secure Global Access Network
                • Use Teamviewer Global Workspace for collaboration

                Together with our partners we seek out converging points of common innovation to further improve the IoT environment as a whole.

                We look forward to partnering with you.

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                Architecture and Security

                A decentralized global design to securely connect, monitor and control IoT devices & machines from anywhere.

                The Global Access Network

                TeamViewer Global Access Network for IoT

                Security is at the heart of everything we do. Find out more about our Security Posture.

                How can I ...



                Devices & Machines

                • Multiple OS Support
                • End-to-end encryption
                • Unattended device & machine 
                • Enterprise wide management
                • Mobile Devices/Apps support
                • ITSSM & CRM Systems



                Sense & Learn

                • Raspberry PI
                • System Values & Gateways
                • Sensors & Fieldbuses
                • Widgets / Dashboards
                • Alerting / Reporting
                • Rules Engine



                Act & Optimize

                • Remote control and device management
                • Raspberry PI
                • Gateway accessibility
                • Encryption
                • Bidirectional with high throughput
                • Instant response
                • Configure non-screen



                Development & Service

                • 300+ concurrent sessions
                • Chat & Share
                • Audio & Video recording
                • Root Cause Analysis
                • MS Office integration
                • HD video
                • Mix phone & VOIP
                • Group chat start meeting



                Speed & Scale

                • Connect, Monitor & Remote Control @Scale
                • Infinite scalability
                • Global Access Network with over 100 data centers
                • 1.4+ Billion devices connected



                Business & Revenue

                • Improved Service & Support models
                • Shift to product leasing – PaaS models
                • Optimize supply chain processes
                • Monetize data
                • Customer & spaces monitoring

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